Miss Ohio 2017 Contestants

Miss Ohio 2017 Contestants

Wednesday Morning: Interview

Thursday: Talent & On Stage Question
Friday: Swimsuit & Evening Wear


Contestant #1

Bry Atchison
Miss Maple City

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
School: Case Western Reserve University
Talent: Dance
Platform: Domestic Violence Seen Through the Eyes of a Child.

Supporting and advocating for children affected by domestic violence in their homes.

Contestant #2

Paige Wiers
Miss North Coast

Hometown: Willard, OH
School: Calvin College
Talent: Piano
Platform: S.A.V.E. – Sustaining A Valuable Earth

Promoting environmental sustainability through the encouragement of simple, eco-friendly lifestyle choices such as refusing, reducing, reusing and recycling materials.

Contestant #3

Stephanie Yasechko
Miss Shawnee

Hometown: Niles, OH
School: The Ohio State University
Talent: Baton
Platform: A Daily Dose of Intervention to Enforce Prevention – Stop Prescription Drug Abuse Stat

My goal is to educate the public that prescription medications used properly have the ability to save lives; when misused, they can be potentially harmful.

Contestant #4

Abbey Hitchens
Miss Portsmouth

Hometown: Newark, OH
School: Ohio  University
Talent: Piano
Platform: When Life Throw’s You A Curve

Scoliosis awareness and early detection

Contestant #5

Hannah Zimmerman
Miss Montgomery County

Hometown: Circleville, OH
School: Graduate of the University of Dayton
Talent: Dance
Platform: Acing the Future: Focusing on Higher Education

An informative tool for students who have or have not been exposed to higher education to utilize when exploring the route of attending college after high school.

Contestant #6

Matti-Lynn Chrisman
Miss Akron Canton

Hometown: Cambridge, Ohio
School: Kent State University
Talent: Musical Theatre Song and Dance
Platform:  The K.E.Y. to Success

Helping children and young adults find the K.E.Y. to success:  their purpose in life through extra-curricular activities.  K.E.Y. stand for Keeping Eyes on Youth.

Contestant #7

Stephanie Shoop
Miss Northern Ohio

Hometown: Cleveland, OH
School: Ohio University
Talent: Science Experiment
Platform: Make America Fit Again

Less than 30 percent of high school aged children get the recommended daily activity.  33 percent of children and adolescents are overweight or obese.  It’s time to Make America Fit Again and instill a culture of wellness where our children can realize the benefits of being active.

Contestant #8

CarolineGrace Williams
Miss Oxford

Hometown: Nashville, TN
School: Miami University
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Human Trafficking

Recovery from Human Trafficking and Prostitution through Small Acts of Love allow us to be a part of a bigger movement or change.

Contestant #9

Amelia Hitchens
Miss Northwestern Ohio

Hometown: Newark, OH
School: Denison University
Talent: Dance
Platform: Service 4 Sight

Service 4 Sight is all about advocating for the four points of the Miss America crown – Service, Style, Scholarship and Success – while protecting the gift of sight for all individuals.

Wednesday Afternoon: Interview
Thursday: Swimsuit & Evening Wear
Friday: Talent & On Stage Question

Contestant #10

Autumn Kessler
Miss Buckeye Valley

Hometown: Bethesda, OH
School: Muskingum University
Talent: Dance
Platform: They are AUsome: Accepting those with Autism

My goal is to encourage the acceptance of those with autism by allowing others to see that they are not different but blessed with a different ability.

Contestant #11

Karolina Ulasevich
Miss Miami Valley

Hometown: North Royalton, OH
School: Miami University
Talent: Saxophone
Platform: Readers and Leaders:  Promoting Literacy in Ohio’s Youth

1 in 4 children in America grows up without learning how to read.  By providing children in need with books and reading with them weekly, we can stop the rise of illiteracy in this country and serve as positive role models in their lives.  After all, knowledge is power.

Contestant #12

Sarah Kingsbury
Miss Indian Trails

Hometown: Naperville, IL
School: Miami University
Talent: Piano & Vocal
Platform: Unspoken Issue

Human trafficking and modern slavery prevention

Contestant #13

Madeline Carter
Miss Greater Cleveland

Hometown: Berea, OH
School: Baldwin Wallace University
Talent: Vocal
Platform: “I Am”:  Developing Identity through Character Education

Character education is an essential part of developing identity, empowering a new generation, and strengthening our leaders of today and tomorrow.

Contestant #14

Jessica Vasiliades
Miss Ohio River

Hometown: Massillon, OH
School: Costal Carolina University
Talent: Dance
Platform: Do You Remember Me?  Alzheimer’s and it’s Devastating Impact

In honor of my Grandpa who is currently under the care of Hospice for Alzheimer’s, and who has been in a nursing home for almost 5 years, I have dedicated my energy, time and talents to help find a cure for this horrific disease.

Contestant #15

Kelly O’Bryan
Miss Tallawanda

Hometown: Vernon Hills, IL
Miami University

Talent: Dance
Platform: Shining a Light on Animal Shelters

Helping animals in need to better their lives and educating the community to enable them to help and join in on the cause.

Contestant #16

Rachel Gombosch
Miss Heart of Ohio

Hometown: Ontario, OH
School: University of Cincinnati
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Suppressing Secrecy:  Ending Muteness to Gender Based Violence

Helping women speak up about violence against them, while also educating society to not be bystanders and to report acts of gender based violence.

Contestant #17

Gabby Bailey
Miss Capital City

Hometown: Dover, OH
School: Graduate of The Ohio State University
Talent: Dance
Platform: Confidence is Key:  Unlock Your Potential

Promoting self-confidence while teaching individuals to use it for the betterment of others.

Contestant #18

Hanna Tumbusch
Miss Lake Festival

Hometown: St. Henry, OH
School: The Ohio State University 
Talent: Vocal
Platform: Pages for Progress Inc.

Increasing literacy in the world one book at a time.

Contestant #19

Sarah Clapper
Miss Clayland

Hometown: Louisville, OH
School: Graduate of The Ohio State University
Talent: Piano
Platform: More to Me

#MoretoMe empowers individuals to define “self” based on deeper purpose and identity to prepare for the challenge of pivotal life-changing moments.

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